10 Reasons Beaches Turks and Caicos Really Is Luxury Included

Beaches Turks and Caicos is different. I knew it the minute I stepped off the van into this version of the Caribbean Islands sunshine. As I took the cool towel from them the concierge, I lifted my face. I hadn’t been there more than a few minutes, and I already it felt like home.
That was December 14, 2009. And this was not only our first trip to Turks and Caicos; it was our first trip to a Beaches All-Inclusive Resort. Since then, we’ve been back seven times.
Now, that first trip was memorable for many reasons. Our oldest Caribbean Amphibian child (Cameron) was 2.5 years old. And our youngest (Cole) was six months young.

The embarrassing but true story of our first trip...

It was also the first time Cole was able to roll over. Though I remember it clearly, I didn’t see him roll off the bed.
I’d placed him in the middle of the bed on his back. Wendy was in the bathroom, starting her unpacking ritual. I turned my back for what I thought was a brief moment to unzip my suitcase.
And then… boom!
Cole rolled off the bed.
With that, our vacation started with a literal bang! We were off to the nurse’s station. The nurse examined Cole. She pronounced him in good health, and we were ready to relax in the luxury of Beaches Turks and Caicos finally.
On that first trip, we called the Beaches Caribbean Village home. As a young couple, we stayed in a Caribbean Premium Double room. It’s at the lower end of the price range of the resort.
Since then, we’ve stayed in all four primary villages: Caribbean, French, Italian, and Key West. (Yes, there are only four, no matter what the website says. The Seaside Village sits in the Caribbean Village and is not a separate area of the resort.)
We’ve also had every level of service they offer: from basic, to concierge, to butler.
You may think we – the Caribbean Amphibians – would get tired of revisiting the same resort.
Yet, as we are gearing up for our eighth trip. And we have ten excellent reasons to visit Beaches Turks and Caicos All-Inclusive Resort.

Reasons 1 and 2 | Beaches Turks and Caicos is Blessed by Location

It is about location. And its location blesses Beaches Turks and Caicos. There’s no disputing that. Period. Full stop.

1 | The Water In and Around Grace Bay

The Turks and Caicos islands are beautiful in their own right. But the water in and around Grace Bay and Bight Beach on Providenciales is like no other. It’s so clear you can see the bottom even when standing waist-deep. And, as you slip deeper, that clear water wraps you in a near 80-degree cooling blanket of comfort.
Fun Fact: Beaches Turks and Caicos is not on Grace Bay, but on Bight Beach, just next to the bay.
The deep blue water on the horizon fades into the aqua, turquoise, and azure as it licks the soft white sands. It invites you to sit and relax with a cold rum drink in your hand. (Yes, that’s my favorite Beaches Turks and Caicos daytime activity.)
But it’s also an invitation to some fantastic water activities. You can try paddle boarding through the mangroves. Or you may enjoy snorkeling on one of the many thriving coral reefs. And yes, you might see JoJo the Dolphin to swim by as you enjoy the view.
Yet, not only is the water stunning, it’s calm. There’s a reef about a mile out that provides some of the amazing snorkeling mentioned above. The reef also serves as a breakwater to keep the waves from being too strong. The beach is also sheltered from the Eastern tradewinds. This adds more calmness to the water (and your day).
The Beach and Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort

2 | Bight Beach

We can’t talk about the water without taking about the beach itself. And here on the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort, there are a few surprises. These surprises are why we rank it among the best Caribbean island all inclusive resorts.
The sand itself is – quite literally – world famous. It’s bright white, with touches of pink and peach, and pillow soft. Seashells and hard corals break down and the gentle rocking of the sea smooths the rough edges. But not only is it smooth, it doesn’t get hot. So you don’t have to worry about burning your toes as you stroll along the shoreline.
Now, let me paint you a picture. Imagine the beach with this breathtaking white sand. There, as you stand at the edge of the water, gentle waves lap at your feet. You’re sitting on a comfortable towel or beach chair. As you sip on a cold mojito, you watch your children play in this fluffy stuff that resembles a fluffy clouds. This is paradise.
And when you get a little hungry, you stroll down to a hidden gem right on the sand at the far edge of the Caribbean Village… On Treasure Island beach sits The Jerk Shack. This brings us to reason number three…